Zachary Blotsky

Candidate, ND House • District 20
Placing Children and Families First

Zack Blotsky

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Zachary Blotsky for D20 House
33 Westwood Dr
Mayville ND 58257

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About Zack

Zack Blotsky and his wife, La Lynda, a middle and high school principal at MayPort-CG, along with their two children, Isaac and Lennon, moved to Mayville recently.  Although Zack is new to the district, he is not new to politics having been heavily involved in the last election in District 1.

Being the youngest member on the team, Zack can give an important perspective to life in North Dakota.  Family and children are central to Zack’s desire to run for District 20. “Education is close to both our hearts. My 5 year old daughter has excelled in pre-K, but not everybody has that same opportunity. I truly believe our children are our greatest natural resource.” 

Zack was raised in western North Dakota and attended Williston State college. Spending a decade working in the energy industry as a consultant and sales rep for GC Products and Energy out of Williston gives him another insight into the energy field, an important aspect to our state economy.

He is concerned about the sustainability of our farmers and small towns in an ever changing economy. And, making sure that our veterans have the care that they need whether they are in the rural areas or the cities is a need that needs to be met.

Zack is excited with the prospect of representing the younger generation in Bismarck – and he’s looking forward to meeting and hearing from the people of District 20 to learn more of your concerns.


La Lynda, Lennon, Zack and Isaac

Zack and his wife, La Lynda, and their two children Isaac and Lennon live in Mayville. Together they enjoy working in their yard, vacations, shopping, going to the gym, and family movie nights. Children and the values of faith and family are guiding principles in Zack’s life.

Policy Priorities

Education is at the top of Zack’s list. From Pre-K to higher ed, Zack is a proponent of further investments to our state’s Education System.

  • His goals include universal Pre-K for all North Dakota children.
  • Extended funding for Colleges, Universities, and all places of higher education.
  • Pay increases for all teachers and staff. The best chance a child has at success in life starts in the classroom

As the backbone of our American economy and a primary global food source, we must make sure our farmers, ranchers and ag related business have the tools they need to succeed.

  • Farm to Market roadways are critical to growth and expansion. Our efforts to shore up the transportation network for modernized ag commerce must be addressed going forward.
  • Taxation kept to a minimally invasive percentage that is not penalizing or unduly debilitating to our agricultural communities.

Healthcare is close to Zack’s heart – literally. As someone who was born with a congenital heart condition he understands the importance of access and affordability when it comes to staying healthy.

  • We must ensure our rural hospitals are not just open but flourishing and able to meet the needs of providers for the best possible hea
  • Veteran’s healthcare access. can see any doctor at any time, our hero’s deserve the most from us, so lets make sure they can get the help they need with no red tape.

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