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Ensuring your vote counts has never been so important. Whether voting by mail or voting in person, planning how you will vote is critical to make sure your voice is heard.

In an effort to help our District friends be informed, we’ve included this page of FAQ’s, FYI’s, and Quick Links.

Have questions not answered here? Please contact us, your local election official, or the ND Secretary of State office for assistance.

Plan to Vote!

1. Start Today

Apply for your absentee/mail-in ballot.
Contact your local election authority or the SOS office if you’re unsure if you will automatically receive your ballot in the mail.

Important: when applying for your absentee ballot, sign your own forms! Ballot signatures must match to be counted.

Apply for your Absentee (AKA Mail-in) Ballot now.
ND SOS Voting Website
North Dakota has a no-fault Absentee Ballot process – any one can vote by mail by requesting a ballot be mailed to you. You can download an application to submit for your mail-in Absentee Ballot through the ND Secretary of State Website, or call your County Auditor or Election Official to request the form.

Change in address? Update today!
You can update your address for the purpose of voting through the ND DOT website. A visit to the DMV is required for a new ID or Driver’s License, but this online process will update the ND Central Voter File so you can legally vote.

Prepare. Learn more about your voting rights.
• DemNPL “How to Vote”
ND Secretary of State • Voting One Stop Shop

Election Dates

2. Know Your Dates

√ Receive ballot √ Complete ballot √ drop off or mail ballot

vote early.

Don’t wait to cast your vote. Once received, you can drop off your completed ballot at your local election site (see step 3), or mail it in.

If mailing, do so early to ensure your ballot is received and counted.

Now! • Apply for Absentee/Vote-by-Mail

Sept 24 • Absentee/Vote-by-Mail ballots begin to mail out

Oct 20 • Realistic last day to safely mail ballot
Ballots mailed on this date are reasonably assured of being received in adequate time to be counted. If there are any mistakes or uncertainties in the ballot, there is time for the county to contact the voter for clarification or correction.

Nov 2 • Last day for mail ballot
Ballots must be postmarked by Nov 2 to be accepted and counted in the canvassing process. If there are any mistakes on the ballot, the ballot will be rejected, set aside, and likely left uncounted.

Nov 3 • Election Day
Only in person. Not drop off ballots

Election Officials & Voting Sites

3. Vote

Plan ahead.

Know where to vote in person, or where your ballot drop box is located.

North dakota’s general election will have live voting sites. knowing where your precinct or voting site is located is vitally important for in-person voting.

Questions or uncertainties? Call your local election authority or the secretary of state’s election office. they are there for you, and are eager to help.

ND Secretary of State
Lee Ann Oliver, Election Specialist
Vote.ND.govOne stop shop ND Election Website

Traill County
Glenda Haugen, Auditor

• One voting site open Nov 3 @ Mayville Armory
Drop off location: County Courthouse, call ahead for pick up arrangements.
Can drop off absentee applications or absentee ballots.

Cass County
DeAnn Buckhouse, Election Coordinator
(701) 241-5631
Cass County General Election Website

• Precinct voting sites open Nov 3 • 7 am – 8 pm
County & Metro Precinct Maps
Absentee Voting Information
Early voting Oct 19 – Nov 2 • Locations and Times
Drop off location: In front of the Courthouse at Courthouse Plaza 211 9th St South in Fargo.
Can drop off absentee applications or absentee ballots.

Grand Forks County
Debbie Nelson, Auditor & Tax/Finance Director
Grand Forks County Election Website

• One voting site open Nov 3 @ Alerus Center • 7 am – 7 pm
• Early voting precinct open Mon, Oct 26 – Mon, Nov 2 (excluding Sunday) • M-F, 10am – 6pm; Sat, 10am – 3pm
Drop off location: Secure Drop Box @ County Offices, behind building near parking ramp entrance. Can drop off absentee applications or absentee ballots.


Questions or concerns regarding this page? Please feel free to contact us.

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