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Dem-NPL • District 20

District 20 Democrats have a strong legacy of core values in advocating for District 20 in Bismarck.

Working on behalf of the people who live and work in the district, the District 20 Dem-NPL legislative teams have a long, and successful record.

Your support is critical in bringing this commitment to public service back to state representation.

With YOUR voice we can all do better.

Make your voice heard.

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ND Dem-NPL District 20 Candidates

Meet the Team

Paul Hanson, ND Senate

A life long resident of District 20, Paul lives on the land homesteaded by his immigrant grandfather. A scientist and EMT, Paul has dedicated his life to the service of others. Learn more about Paul.

John Pederson, ND House

A professor of history and economics at MSU for over 20 years, John and his wife are committed and involved community leaders who strive to lead and live by example. Learn more about John.

Zachary Blotsky, ND House

As a native of western North Dakota, Zack places top priority on family and faith while balancing a career with the oil industry and helping to raise their three adopted children. Learn more about Zack.

What They Stand For

Roads & Bridges • Universal Access to Broadband • Healthcare Quality & Access • Access to Quality Education from Childhood to Adulthood

Funding and state support for our

Agricultural & Community’s
Economic Health

Roads & Bridges

Funding for improvements and maintenance of our transport system is critical to the future of our agricultural and community growth.

Health Care

Access and funding for quality health care is vital to the people who live in rural North Dakota. From access to the facilities themselves, to the advancement of supports and telehealth, our communities rely on rural health care availability.


The K-12 education system in District 20 is first rate with exemplary educational leaders.
Located in the center of District 20, Mayville State University’s reputation for outstanding educational opportunities is legendary.

Farming & Community Growth

Agriculture in North Dakota remains principle to the growth of our local communities. Support of our farming friends and neighbors are critical.

Our legislative candidate team is committed to protecting & enhancing existing systems critical to District 20, while advocating for modern advancements.

Why Run?

“Continuing the legacy of
public service”

As an EMT and life long community advocate, the importance of protecting the quality of our lives in rural ND cannot be understated.

Paul Hanson

“Because we can do better”

For our children. Present and future generations of District 20 are counting on strong leadership in these volatile times.

John Pederson

“Placing children and
families first”

Blessed with faith and an incredible family, leadership for preserving our North Dakota values is essential.

Zachary Blotsky

Health Care

We fully support continuing legislative actions to ensure the viability of our health care system for current needs and the generations to come.

  • Access to quality health care to include
    • Aging and Long Term Care Options
    • Physical Therapy
    • Excellence in Healthcare Providers
    • Availability of Support Staff
    • First Responder & Emergency Service Access
    • Support for the continuation of Medicaid Expansion
    • Protection of insurance provisions for people with pre-existing conditions


An education for all is part of the American dream our forefathers envisioned. District 20 is home to four K-12 school systems and Mayville State University. Our Dem-NPL candidates stand united in protecting and expanding access and excellence in our educational system.

  • Education supports
    • Adequate K-12 Funding
    • Pre-K Access and Funding
    • Enhanced Teacher Salaries
    • Acceptable Funding for MSU
    • Student Loan Access and Forgiveness Plans through the Bank of ND


While vitally important, Roads & Bridges aren’t the only infrastructure priority in rural North Dakota.

Access to reliable high-speed broadband can no longer be considered a luxury as schools, businesses, health care, and the agriculture industry have come to rely equally on the communication highway network to remain viable and healthy.

  • Support to Modernize and Upgrade
    • Adequate Funding for Farm to Market Roads and Bridges
    • Universal Access to High-Speed Broadband Networks
    • Support for fundamental modernization in water and energy supply chains

Ag & Community Commerce

Farmers. Friends. Neighbors. Family.

Here in North Dakota, one is inextricably tied to the other. The health and welfare of one directly affects the the other. The Dem-NPL team for District 20 strongly supports legislative efforts to support both our ag and general communities.

  • Policies to benefit local people
    • Local Control of local subdivisions
    • Anti-Corporate Farming
    • Local, Sustainable Farming
    • Small Business & Main Street Initiatives
    • Income Equality
    • WSI for Volunteer First Responders

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